Our vision

NETZWERK VIERNULL merges the dimensions in a singular way – individuals, organizations and technology.

Technologies of the 21st century change our work, our study – our life.

Digital economy, intelligent mobility, an innovative working environment, sustainability, and renewable energy sources characterize this change.

Digitization opens up a wide range of opportunities.

Enthusiastic and qualified people are the key success factor to utilize these opportunities.

We assist our customers during their change and development processes and support them with the whole of our network.

Our focus

Only the one who focuses on the essentials can achieve the optimum.

Focus on

  • Digitization of mobility
  • Automotive and Industry 4.0
  • Banking 4.0
  • Human resources

Experienced managers as partners

  • Managerial, personnel and functional responsibility
  • Sectors covered: IT, automotive, banking, engineering
  • Widely branched professional network

Core competence

  • Placement of resources and competences from the network

Our partners

A strong team for your success.

  • Dr.-Ing. Volker Eckhardt

    Hearing is more than speaking


    Customer liaison, assessment of candidates, network development

    Dipl.-Ing. Electrical Engineering, Observer training, management orientation course

    Head of Development for numerical control technology

    Team Manager for shop floor information and production systems (FIS)

    Managing director/chairman for information technology, automotive IT, healthcare IT, aviation IT

    Shareholder, Business Development CarSharing

    CEO, Company Built, Business Development for Startup

  • Volker Donnermann

    What counts on the way is the power for changes


    Assessment of candidates, onboarding and coaching of new staff members, network development

    Dipl.-Ing. Mechanical Engineering, transformation management, company management, innovation management, business mediation

    Head of Manufacturing Control, sales of information systems, finance, human resources

    CIO India and Asia Pacific

    Chairman and CTO

  • Dipl. Math. Daniela Krahmer

    Never begin to give up, never give up to begin – Cicero

    Customer liaison, recruitment consultancy & services
    Search & placement of resources & competences in the IT environment on professional and management level

    Diploma in mathematics / information technology, TU Munich
    Mentor, TU Munich alumni mentoring program

    Leading – working – learning
    in the age of technology, internetworking, and digitalization
    CEO PhoeniaConsult – process consulting for organizations and their acting people

    Junior staff / young professionals
    Backstopping and competency development on personal, methodical, and professional level

    Long-term managerial experience in the international IT business

    Project management and IT systems development

    Manager Competence Center Professional Services (consulting, pre-/ postsales, project management)

    Head of skills management & recruiting for the competency centers in Germany

    Director international People Data Management & HR IT (processes, systems, conventions, synergies)

    Director Corporate Learning & Skills Management

  • Dr.-Ing. Heinrich Füchtjohann

    Diversity rather than simplicity


    Customer liaison, candidate assessment, network development

    Vision design, strategies, process development, project management, crisis management

    Dipl.-Ing. Electrical Engineering
    Visiting professorship at the Indian Institute of Technology

    Account Consultant Automotive
    Head of Functional Design Team Dealer Management Systems Automotive

    Executive partner
    Chairman of the Board
    Regional Director Europe

  • Prof. Dr. Stephan Krüdener

    It's not the beginning that's rewarded, but only perseverance – Katharina von Siena

    Interim management, mergers and acquisitions, network development, business development, customer liaison

    Doctorate in physics, energy and environmental sciences studies

    Commercial director, company management, director business development

    Professor at the Technische Hochschule Mittelhessen

  • The basis
    of your

Our performance

Personal commitment, reliability and quick and precisely tailored fulfillment of your requirements.


Profound experience in the automotive and IT sectors as well as in-depth knowledge of current developments and challenges make us the competent contact for your specialist department.

We will discuss your specialist and personnel challenges at eye level.

We are in permanent contact with top candidates from the most important companies of the related industrial sectors.

We have long-standing reliable relationships to candidates.

We are designing the new economy based on our experience gained with the old economy.


We are intimate consultants of the HR and specialist departments of our customers and our candidates.

We adjust ourselves to the processes and the culture of our customers.

Crucial tasks are exclusively under the partners’ responsibility.

We moderate in critical phases of the employment process.

We report regularly and transparently.

We are available whenever you need us!

Your benefits

NETZWERK VIERNULL merges the dimensions in a singular way – individuals, organizations and technology.

Customer benefits

Top customers from automotive OEM and IT/system and engineering companies

Proven knowledge of market players and competences

Proven recruiting experience through social networks and direct contacts

Proven experience in selection processes and assessment centers

Long-standing assistance of candidates in career coaching

95% repeated and follow-up orders

95% of the specialist and executive staff still hold their position or rank higher

Values added

In-depth knowledge of the processes and technologies in the automotive and IT sectors

Knowledge of new digital business models thanks to involvement in startups (new mobility, disruptive business models)

Onboarding and coaching of new staff members (introduction to the corporate culture and the dos & don'ts)

Transfer of know-how across sectors


You can reach us anytime.